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House renovation through the first lockdown and wet season

Staying home during the home extension and house renovation project

How a customer lost money on HMO refurbishment

Extra costs that come with every renovation project

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Building a Conservatory: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking about building a conservatory on to your London home? Needing some extra space, or simply wanting to add a slice of classic British charm to your property? Building a conservatory is no small undertaking. And to ensure that your project goes smoothly and turns out to be everything you hoped for, we’re…

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Building Estimators – Why do Builders Need Them?

So, you’ve been researching the process of building a home, and you’ve come across the term ‘building estimator’, right? And in layman’s terms, you’ve got absolutely no idea what that means. We get it: the building world seems to have its only lingo. And all that jargon can get pretty confusing. Well, today we’re going…

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