Why The Kitchen is The Most Important Room in The House

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the most important room in your home. While that is a very bold statement, it is also very true. When new homebuyers look at a house, the first room the look at is the kitchen. While they might have to walk through a couple other rooms to get there, they are focused on that kitchen and it can be one of the most important selling points.

Photo of Fitted Kitchen with Dining area

But what about your family? Why is the kitchen them most important room in the home to them? When you stop to think about it, you do start your day in the kitchen making your morning coffee and you often end the day in that room just before you retire to your bedroom. Today’s kitchens get a lot of use and that has made it even more important for builders to create high quality, full-featured kitchens that make it easy for you to feed your family.

What are some other reasons that the kitchen is the most important room in the house? Let’s take a look:

When we spend more time in our kitchens, studies show that we are often healthier and happier. How so? Researchers at Cambridge University have found a link between cooking more healthy meals at home with human longevity and that is a definite plus for your kitchen.

The kitchen isn’t just good for cooking meals, it is also a social spot where your family can have conversations or just grab a quick snack and some much needed social interaction. In fact, a large portion of the manners and social skills we learned as children, were learned in that very room.

Another benefit that today’s modern kitchens offer was found in a study conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. It showed that children who spent more time in the kitchen cooking meals with their parents and having casual conversations were less likely to use alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. The same study also showed that children who ate more meals at home did better in school and received better grades than children who didn’t spend as much time eating meals at home. Most of us didn’t need a study to tell us that though.


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