Different Types of House Extensions That Would Be Perfect for Your Home?

Types of home extension

Do you need a little bit more elbow room in your home? An extra bedroom or a home office?

2020 proved to be the catalyst for change in the way many North Londoners use their houses. And with many of us spending more time than ever before at home, that extra space has become a necessity. Welcome the home extension!


The type of extension that works for you will be determined by the style of your existing property and the size of your land.

At Combit Constructions, professional builders in North London, we specialize in home extensions, and that’s why we’ve taken the time to explain these popular house extension types and how they will affect your home:

1. Single Storey

The single-storey extension is self-explanatory: it simply joins on to the home at ground level, generally at the rear or on the side of the building. This type of home extension has become popular with homeowners who wish to create more living and/or kitchen space or an entertainment area.

Oversized windows, roof windows and glass panels are a great way to turn your single-story extension into a light, bright and airy zone, which is beautifully connected with the outdoors.

Your single-story extension may fall under the category of Permitted Development (meaning it may not require a permit) if it does not extend more than 6 meters beyond the original wall of a semi-detached home, or 8 meters of a detached home. Talk to your builder about whether you will require a permit for your build.

2. Side Return Extension

The side return extension is a great way of gaining extra room inside the semi-detached end of terrace homes, without losing any of the rear garden. In fact, these few feet at the side of the property which is often used as a general dumping ground for outdoor equipment, rubbish bins and a host of other odds and ends, can be used to transform the functionality of your home.

Extending on the side of your property has the potential for Party Wall issues, however, if you’re on good terms with your neighbors, this can often be avoided by discussing your proposed extension before you begin building.

When considering side extension ideas, UK homeowners should think kitchen, living space, hobby area, home office… the possibilities are endless.

3. Rear Home Extension

As the name suggests, a rear home extension simply means adding onto the back of the home. Your extension could be single or double-story, depending on the amount of space you need to gain and the size of your garden.

When considering different types of house extensions, North Londonders with older homes would do well to consider the rear home extension: it’s possible to add a more modern space at the back of the home which can’t be seen from the street, allowing you the luxury of contemporary style without compromising the traditional street appeal of the property.

4. Wrap-Around Semi-detached

By adding onto both the rear and the side of the home, you can maximize your space and create an L-shaped extension, known as a wrap-around.

This style has endless possibilities and has become popular with homeowners who need the space, but who don’t want to sacrifice too much of their garden.

Wrap-around extensions are typically light and bright, and a great way to extend the kitchen area, gain a playroom or home office or create a spacious living and casual entertaining space.

5. Loft/Garage Conversion

Are you looking for a way to gain space inside without altering the footprint of your home? A loft or garage conversion may be the answer to your problem!

By repurposing one (or both) of these spaces, you can gain an amazing amount of space, without the cost and hassle of a full home extension.

And working with a team such as Combit Constructions, professional builders in North London, you can rest assured that your garage or loft conversion will add real, lasting value to your home.

There are many different types of home extensions, UK and homeowners are well advised to involve the expertise of a professional team early on in their planning process.

At Combit Constructions, we understand home extensions and we’ve got what it takes to create harmony between the old and the new: spaces which are balanced, beautiful and 100% functional.

Contact the team today and let’s get your project started!

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