How To Turn Your Loft Into A Home Office

How To Turn Your Loft Into A Home Office

Thinking about an office loft conversion? You’re not alone…

2021 is proving to be a year unlike any we’ve ever experienced: for many North Londoners, the concept of a work-from-home-era has become a reality! And it’s not all bad either! Many folks are loving their newfound daily work routines – commuting from the bedroom to the office has never been easier!

Let’s face it: while working from home has loads of advantages, it comes with some challenges, and one of these is finding a suitable space to do your work. To ensure that you remain focussed, motivated, and productive, it’s advisable to have a dedicated workspace away from your bedroom and the main of family activity.

At Combit Constructions, specialized builders in North London, we understand that finding that quiet spot in the home is often easier said than done. But let us share one of our top secrets: the answer might be just above your head, in the form of an unused loft space…

Converting a loft into an home office isn’t as hard as it might seem. If you’ve been wondering how to convert a loft into a beautiful, functional workspace, we’re here to give you some tips:


If you want your project to be 100% successful, you need to have a clear vision from the get-go. It’s important to know exactly what you want to achieve from your renovation and how you want it to look and feel when it’s finished.


Planning isn’t glamorous, but it’s super necessary. Getting plans drawn up, researching ideas and products, setting your budget, and gaining a basic understanding of what’s involved in each stage of the build are all involved in planning. After all, a job well planned is a job half done.


Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. While many loft conversions can be achieved without a permit, the size and style of your project will determine what permits are necessary to complete your renovation. Talk to your local authorities or your chosen renovation team about any relevant permits you may need to obtain for your project.

“It’s well worth checking whether you can extend using Permitted Development Rights (PDRs) – where you can effectively increase your loft size through a much simpler planning application process,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam specialist on modern, flexible auctions – Property Solvers.


Achieving enough usable space in your loft for a home office can be challenging, but that’s where the team at Combit Constructions, specialist builders North London, can come to your rescue! With years of experience in crafting beautiful loft conversions, we know how to make the most of every inch of space and maximize the functionality of your new workspace.

Talk to your renovating team about bespoke storage solutions and clever hacks to make the most of areas with low, sloping ceilings.


Adequate lighting is essential to creating a light, bright and stimulating office environment. If wall space for windows is limited, think about installing roof windows – they’re a great way to bring natural light inside and can be used to let the fresh air in too.

Be sure to install adequate artificial lighting as well – there are plenty of creative, energy-efficient lighting solutions out there, so take some extra time to research different products.


We all know about the importance of taking breaks during the workday to stretch out, refresh and refocus. So, make sure you add in some creature comforts that will help make your day run smoothly and efficiently:

  • A small kitchen area where you can have a sink, kettle, fridge and a place for a few healthy snacks
  • A comfortable couch or window seat
  • A bookcase or magazine rack

Remember, your area needs to be inviting as well as productive.


We don’t need to tell you how cold your loft can be during the winter, so think about how you are going to maintain an even temperature in your new office space, all year round.

Make your loft conversion energy efficient by adding good insulation, double glazed windows, and quality floor coverings.

The team at Combit Constructions can help you achieve the loft conversion of your dreams. Talk to our team today about your loft office space and let’s get your project underway!

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