Designing A Flat Roof For Your Home

Flat roof houses

Modern; contemporary; traditional – flat roofs tick all the boxes. They’re featured in cutting-edge architecture, yet they date back to ancient Persian and Egyptian times. Do you love neat lines, clean and modern geometry, and a house that is just a little bit different from the pack? A flat roof house design might be just the thing.

In times past, flat roofs have presented some challenges: poor insulation, water pooling, and higher maintenance, to name a few. Nowadays, superior design and materials mean that the performance of the modern flat roof building is comparable with that of the pitched roof.

And they’re right up there with contemporary design style. If you’re thinking about crafting a modern home, a flat roof is part of the look. Because of the aesthetic appeal of the flat roof design, UK homeowners are opting for this style, and this trend in consumer preferences is gaining momentum across London.

So, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the flat roof. The team at Combit Construction, North London, has taken a moment to jot down some points to consider when considering this style for your home:

Extra Space – Maximize Your Living Area

Extra space is one of the main advantages of a flat roof. In the UK we’re well accustomed to the sloping attic ceilings of the pitched roof home – these sharp angles reduce headroom and effectively waste a lot of space. The flat-roofed home doesn’t have this problem. The ceilings are horizontal, allowing you to maximize the space, even in the attic.

Additional Patio/Garden Area – Relax In Style

Is your garden area small? Do you ever wish you had space outdoors to sit with a cuppa and relax? The flat roof can be used as a patio garden, a place to entertain family and friends, or space to just spend quiet time outside.

The concept of a rooftop courtyard harkens back to ancient times, yet it continues to be popular – there’s something undeniably soothing about socializing or simply relaxing above the hustle and bustle of daily life and with the rooftop views to enjoy!

Green Roofs – Transform Your Roof Into A Garden Paradise

If sustainable living is high on your list of priorities, a Green Roof might be right up your alley. With vegetation planted on part or the whole of the area, your rooftop can become something that’s beautiful, productive, and a haven for the local birdlife.

Green roofs help to create harmony between your home and nature by allowing the structure to blend in with the surrounding landscape. They help to replace the patch of green which is taken up by the house itself, and give you your very own slice of nature to enjoy anytime, even if you live in the middle of the city!

Cost – Is A Flat Roof Cheaper?

A flat roof is often considered a more economical option than a pitched roof because it uses less material and requires less work to construct. However, it’s worth noting that flat roofs typically have higher maintenance and repair costs than pitched ones, so factor this in when you weigh up both options.

Water Draining – Will The Water Pool On My Roof?

Let’s face it: the pitched roof drains water and snow better than a flat roof. Cleverly installed drainage systems can help to control moisture build-up, but leaking issues are a common problem with which many flat-roofed homeowners must contend.

Flat roof water pool

Can My Extension Have A Flat Roof?

If you’re extending your home, a flat roof might be the easiest and quickest option. Flat roof construction is less time-consuming and can still incorporate popular features such as roof lights.

The team at Combit Construction can help you achieve your dream of a stylish, flat-roofed home in North London.

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