Garage Conversions: Everything You Need To Know

To do a garage conversion or not to do a garage conversion? That is the question… that many homeowners in North London are asking themselves!

Garage conversions remain popular across Britain for a few good reasons: they’re cost-effective, practical, and relatively easy to achieve. In short, they’re a great way to maximize space inside your home without changing the existing footprint of the property.

Garage Conversions Everything you need to know

The team at Combit Construction, specialist builders in North London, are excited to offer 20+ years of experience in garage conversions. And with housing prices across the UK on the increase, we’re loving helping homeowners maximize the functionality and style of their homes with garage conversions that really work.


Let’s take a moment to drill into this question:

  • Extra Space – this is an obvious one! Converting an unused garage space (or even half of it if it’s a double garage) is the perfect way to gain that extra space your family so badly needs. And the possibilities are endless: living space, kitchen extension, gym room, hobbies/craft area, bedroom… what does your home need most? There’s plenty of garage conversion ideas out there…
  • An extension without the disruptiongarage conversions can often be achieved with minimal disruption to the existing home. Renovating an existing space is a totally different ballgame to extending, and most of the work can be accomplished without disturbing daily routines or family life.
  • Avoid the hassle and cost of moving – moving house comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re needing a bigger home, most likely you’re going to have to pay more than you sell for, so there’s that difference to account for as well as stamp duty on the new property and any other costs associated with the move. Not to mention the hassle and upheaval – new schools, new shopping centers, new neighborhood, and friends… the physical and emotional toll on your family is huge!
  • Extra Income opportunity – your garage conversion might be your ticket to improving your financial position. Many folks rent out part (or all) of their new-found space to help bring in a bit of extra cash.
Garage Conversion Extra Source of income


While it mightn’t be strictly necessary to involve an architect, we believe that it’s always a good idea to involve the experts from the get-go.

A seasoned architect will be able to help you achieve maximum space, style, and functionality from your garage conversion. In addition to this, he/she may be able to save a pretty penny by suggesting areas to focus on and where you can afford to cut back – ultimately, you need to consider the re-sale value of your home, and this is where an expert opinion is extremely valuable.


Each garage conversion needs to be assessed individually, so have a chat to your builder about this. If your garage is built on a shallow slab and your conversion involves bricking up the original garage door, you may need a new foundation for the new wall. This extra groundwork will add to the overall cost of the project.


Home alterations are an excellent opportunity to increase the efficiency of your home. Think about ways to make your home more sustainable and efficient and take steps to minimize the environmental effect of your building project.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Adding extra insulation – to help maintain an even temperature inside your new space, add an extra layer of insulation in walls, ceiling and possibly the floor too. This will maximize comfort and help to reduce your heating and cooling costs for the new room.
  • Install double glazed windows – if you need to install new windows, go for double glazed ones. They’re far more efficient and sound-proof.
  • Upcycle wherever possible – re-use building materials and cabinetry wherever possible. Visit your local second-hand shops and salvage yards for some excellent finds (and savings)!
  • Window Treatments – a lot of heat is transmitted through the glass, so install furnishings that will maximize the efficiency of your home.


This is probably the most important decision you’ll make in the whole project – after all, it’s your builder that you’re relying on to turn your dreams into a reality!

Do your research; look at reviews online; speak to family and friends who have completed successful garage conversions; ask for referrals; visit showrooms and display homes.

Don’t fall into the trap of just opting for the cheapest quote on principle – go through each quotation carefully and make sure you’re comparing ‘apples with apples.’ Avoid builders that quote ballpark figures – quotations should be detailed and clearly set out each stage of the project and the relevant costs.

Meet with a couple of builders on site to discuss your project – a face-to-face meeting allows you to assess each builder’s professionalism and approach to your project.


The aim of any home renovation is to increase the value of your property. And if your home isn’t lacking in parking space, your garage conversion should increase its re-sale value. If you have any concerns, talk to your building team or your local real estate agents about how your garage conversion will affect the value of your property.

Garage conversion

Of course, the quality of the renovation job will affect the overall flow and aesthetics of the project, so ensure that you hire a building team who have the experience and skills needed to execute a garage conversion that is as gorgeous as it is functional.

The team at Combit Constructions, specialist builders in North London, have been crafting beautiful and practical garage conversions for 20+ years. Our team has an undeniable passion for detail and a genuine love of charming home design, and we have the skills, experience, and practical know-how to ensure that your project is 100% successful.

Talk to the team at Combit Constructions today let’s get your project underway.

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