7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Home Extension

Home extensions

Let’s put it all on the table: you love your home, but it’s getting a bit small; parts of it are outdated and could definitely use a facelift; your current home is close to shops, schools and friends. In short, moving to a new house isn’t an option but you really need more space – welcome the home extension!

With the start of a new year, lots of families are considering their housing goals for 2021. Most of us have spent a lot more time inside our own walls in the last 12 months, and with all the uncertainty that still surrounds us, many homeowners are opting to extend their current homes rather than move to another one.

As a team of specialized North London builders, we’ve taken the time to list out some of the main benefits of house extensions in North London for our valued customers:


Whether you’re planning a family, taking in boarders or simply wanting to create a bit more elbow room, increasing the footprint of your home will create the extra living space you so badly need. There are many types of house extensions, and often it doesn’t take much to transform the functionality of the home: adding an extra room, a larger kitchen or a home office is sometimes all it needs.

The demands of toddlers are very different from those of teenagers, and an extension may be a great way to gain that recreation, hobby area or home gym your family needs. There are so many house extension ideas: analyze what your family needs most and how you can extend your home to achieve it.


You don’t need to move to a new house to achieve that refresh your home so desperately needs. Giving your space a facelift can be part of your home extension plan! It’s easy enough to add a fresh coat of paint, some new carpet, or a ceiling window in the ‘old’ part of the home while you’re at it, so why not freshen up the whole home?


Design home extension

A home extension allows you freedom of design that you simply don’t get when you move to a new house. Every family or household’s needs are different, and by extending your house you can plan and accommodate for your individual needs.

Many types of extensions include a new kitchen or bathroom, and this is a great area to express your individual taste and style – plan and design a space that suits your family down to the ground!


If you’ve lived a few years in your current home, chances are you’ve become very fond of it – our homes are where we share many special moments and create memories that last a lifetime. You know your way around the neighborhood, the local shops and the recreational areas. Your house may be close to your children’s school and your circle of friends. Moving location is a huge upheaval, so why not extend the home you have (and save yourself a lot of headache)?


Storage, storage storage… it’s something we can never get enough of! A home extension is the perfect time to reinvent your space and add extra storage solutions. Talk to your team of home builders about the best way to maximize your storage options.


Increase North London home value

Any smart home renovation project should significantly increase the resale value of your home. Talk to your building team about the best way to extend your home to achieve what you need and get maximum return on investment.


Outdoor Living Space

An extension doesn’t have to involve bricks and mortar – a deck or outdoor entertaining area is probably the cheapest way to build an extension and one that can revolutionize the way you use your home. Outdoor living is a concept which is steadily gaining momentum around the globe, and seamless integration between the inside world and the outside is not difficult to achieve.

We specialize in house renovations. If you are North London homeowner we would love to help you with your project.

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