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House renovation through the first lockdown and wet season

Staying home during the home extension and house renovation project

How a customer lost money on HMO refurbishment

Extra costs that come with every renovation project

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10 Benefits of Home Extensions: Expanding Your Space and Lifestyle

10 building conversion benefits for your home … A well-executed home extension can significantly increase the value of your property. If you ever decide to sell your home, you will more likely recoup your investment and maybe more!

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Unlock the Hidden Potential: 10 Building Conversion Benefits

10 building conversion benefits for your home … Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to building conversions. Your imagination is the only limit. Transform an old barn into a rustic retreat …

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10 Reasons To Renovate Your Home – Be It A Flat Or House

Our homes are more than just structures – they serve as sanctuaries, canvases, and companions in life’s most beautiful moments. With every step taken towards making changes comes an opportunity for growth and improvement; don’t miss out by missing a chance to create something truly remarkable with your living space! Home renovation offers a unique…

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Building A Conservatory: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking about building a conservatory on to your London home? Needing some extra space, or simply wanting to add a slice of classic British charm to your property? Building a conservatory is no small undertaking. And to ensure that your project goes smoothly and turns out to be everything you hoped for, we’re…

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What Does It Cost To Build A House?

So, you need a new house and wondering how much it will cost to build in the North London area? You want a realistic idea, not a hazy, ‘round-about’, probably-in-the vicinity-of kind of price? Maybe you’re an investor wanting to get into the real estate market. Is it better to build from scratch, or renovate…

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Planning! Planning! Planning!

Ready to start your home renovation project? It’s exciting. It’s daunting. And if you’re like most homeowners in North London, you’ve been saving for it for years! But before you jump in boots and all, it’s important that you understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into, and the processes involved. The planning phase is probably…

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Why Do I Need A Building Contract For My Home Improvements?

When you’re embarking on a building or renovation project, a handshake just isn’t enough. Unfortunately, too many homeowners are afraid of offending their builders by asking for a home-building contract. And the results aren’t always too pretty. But at Combit Construction, specialist builders in North London, we believe that signed builders contracts are essential, even…

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What Are The Different Stages Of House Extension Building Project?

Are you about to embark on a home extension? Congratulations! This is exciting, albeit a bit daunting… If you’re new to the renovating game, the whole process of building a home extension might seem a bit overwhelming. Yes, it’s a financial and emotional investment, but believe us when we say it’s not as hard as…

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8 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Builder Before Hiring Them

Let’s face it: when it comes to achieving that home renovation of your dreams, choosing the right builder is oh-so-important. You can have all the ideas and visions you like, but if your builder can’t turn them into a reality then you’re beaten before you start… Finding the right team for your project isn’t always…

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Tips On Transforming A Semi-Detached Home

Quintessential; classic; timeless… we love semi-detached homes! Dating back to the mid-late 18th century, they’re part of our heritage and a vital element of the streetscape in most British villages, towns, and cities. However, there’s no denying that these houses can present a unique set of challenges when it comes to renovation. At Combit Constructions,…

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8 Things You Should Know About Building An Extension

In North London, there’s more than just spring in the air! Home renovation fever is giving people a new lease of life! They’re shaking off their winter blues and making good on their plans for a home extension… Building an extension – where to start? The team at Combit Constructions, specialist builders in North London,…

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Different Types Of House Extensions That Would Be Perfect For Your Home?

Do you need a little bit more elbow room in your home? An extra bedroom or a home office? 2020 proved to be the catalyst for change in the way many North Londoners use their houses. And with many of us spending more time than ever before at home, that extra space has become a…

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How Do I Know If A Builder Quote Is Realistic?

Starting a home renovation project? – it’s really important to make sure you get the best bang for your buck! Whether you’re giving the kitchen a simple facelift or planning a big home extension, getting the best value all round is a must. Getting a quote from a builder (or two, or three builders!) is…

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6 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value In Today’s Climate

Increasing their home’s value is a top priority for most London homeowners. And with good reason: for many of us, our house is our biggest single asset, so getting the best return on investment is super important. Home improvement is a topic without limits! Whether you’re planning to sell your property or simply wanting to…

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How To Renovate A Victorian House?

We love Victorian homes. Built-in the late 1800s and early 1900s (during the reign of Queen Victoria), this architecture is a style of its own. Gracious, modestly ornate, solidly built and practical, these homes have stood the test of time. They’re old gems that deserve to be restored to their former glory. Sadly, the period…

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How To Choose The Right Builder For Your Project

The key to a successful project is thorough preparation. You have the drawings prepared for you by your architect and structural engineer. You’ve spent some time preparing the proper specification, which reflects all the work you’re planning to have done. You’ve made sure that your project is straightforward, well-structured, and easy to understand. These steps…

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How To Start Your Renovation Project – First Steps

Last year, more than 40,000 people contacted Citizen Advice for information on how to solve their home improvement woes. Don’t ever let yourself be one of them. I receive at least two phone calls a month from anxious homeowners trying to rescue a renovation project that has gone wrong following these common scenarios: Do you…

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Top 6 Reasons To Renovate And Improve Your House

Many North London and Hampstead homeowners are finding that they are better off keeping their homes rather than selling them in today’s volatile home market. With home valuations rising and homes in these two important areas becoming an even better investment than many people had imagined, homeowners are choosing to renovate their houses instead of…

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The Benefits Of Home Extensions Add Value

Do you need more room in your home? Would you like an additional bedroom or a home office? More and more people are adding extensions to their homes instead of selling and buying a larger home because of how easy and affordable home extensions are now. In fact, with the home market constantly changing, a…

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Why The Kitchen is The Most Important Room in The House

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the most important room in your home. While that is a very bold statement, it is also very true. When new homebuyers look at a house, the first room the look at is the kitchen. While they might have to walk through a couple other rooms to get there,…

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When Is The Best Time To Do A Home Renovation and Why?

It can be challenging to keep our homes up-to-date and functional. Things degrade naturally and progressively, and our homes are no different. With many factors making up a home, including appliances, fixtures, structural issues and design aesthetics, there is sure to be something that could be repaired or updated on your home. The question is,…

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5 Practical Reasons To Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom

If you want to add more living space to your home, a garage conversion could be the solution. Garages can be converted into anything including a kitchen, a living room or a bedroom. Any homeowner should understand the cost and benefits of the garage conversion project before deciding to take on such a project. Based…

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The Advantages of Custom-Made Versus Ready-Made Home Furniture

When designing the interior of your home, you want it to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible and that means adding your own special custom touches. It may be anything from a custom colour interior paint, to a custom-designed kitchen with all of the luxe features a home chef could want. Many homeowners visit the…

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How to Ensure Project Success With Your Home And Investment

Project success isn’t just about avoiding failure, but also delivering high quality results. So even when you manage to meet the deadline, if the outcome is subpar, the entire project is still unsatisfactory. This is especially true in construction projects where mistakes can mean blowing off a lot of money. So, How do you ensure…

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