Muswell Hill, London, N2

Rear Extension, Kitchen/Dining Open Plan, Underfloor Heating, Interior Design Finish

The objective of this project was to build a rear extension and make a structural opening to create an open-plan kitchen-dining area. The project involved a few complications. Firstly, the client (a young family with two small children) wanted to stay there during the project and use the kitchen and utility area downstairs. Secondly, there was no side access and not much space at the front to place the skip.

To overcome these challenges, we separated the ground-floor area and the kitchen with temporary partition walls and created door accesses. We wrapped the hallway area to create a passage for the builders and we built an enclosure at the front to protect the bay window and the hedges and created a waste collection area.

The project involved underpinning the party walls and building a rear extension with a flat roof and two skylights. We installed underfloor heating and moved the boiler. This project involved lots of custom-made carpentry and fittings – we built a slide-out shoe rack under the stairs and reconstructed the staircase. With the help of an interior designer and decorators, we achieved this beautiful finish with high-end quality. This project was done under the agreed budget and on time.

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