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House renovation through the first lockdown and wet season

Staying home during the home extension and house renovation project

How a customer lost money on HMO refurbishment

Extra costs that come with every renovation project

New Build. Mill Hill. Main Structure

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10 Reasons To Renovate Your Home Be It A Flat Or House

Our homes are more than just structures – they serve as sanctuaries, canvases, and companions in life’s most beautiful moments. With every step taken towards making changes comes an opportunity for growth and improvement; don’t miss out by missing a chance to create something truly remarkable with your living space! Home renovation offers a unique…

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What Does It Cost To Build A House?

So, you need a new house and wondering how much it will cost to build in the North London area? You want a realistic idea, not a hazy, ‘round-about’, probably-in-the vicinity-of kind of price? Maybe you’re an investor wanting to get into the real estate market. Is it better to build from scratch, or renovate…

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How To Choose The Right Builder For Your Project

The key to a successful project is thorough preparation. You have the drawings prepared for you by your architect and structural engineer. You’ve spent some time preparing the proper specification, which reflects all the work you’re planning to have done. You’ve made sure that your project is straightforward, well-structured, and easy to understand. These steps…

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Combit Construction Attends Home Renovation and Building Show in Birmingham

Combit Construction Attends Home Renovation and Building Show in Birmingham

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