Igor’s Story

Igors Story

I was born in Ukraine to parents in the building industry, so I naturally followed in their footsteps. At 21, I started my own decorating business in Ukraine. After moving to England, I worked in construction and immersed myself in the UK construction industry, which led to the founding of Combit Construction in 2006. Since then, my company has earned itself a good reputation by word of mouth. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, openness, and clear communication has being our forte, and to date we do not have any dissatisfied customers after completing hundreds of projects large and small.

Since our inception, even during the global recession, Combit Construction has always stuck to its motto “Combining quality and trust”, and as a result, diversified our operations from small scale residential extensions to high-end new built.

Nevertheless, during the global pandemic, new projects were few and far between and we went through a sustained period of no new enquiries. During this period, we took out a government loan and invested the proceeds on new forms of marketing, including the ground-breaking “Project Calculator” on our website, as we understood that customers, also affected by COVID, were shopping around more. As a result, the business began to grow again.

However, when war in Ukraine broke out in February 2022, material prices skyrocketed, once again making new project acquisition increasingly difficult. Repaying the COVID loan with insufficient new work coming in became challenging. To prevent clients with ongoing projects being affected by the company’s financial difficulties, we made the difficult decision to voluntarily liquidate the company, which was a difficult decision to take after 15 years of operation and maintaining a reputation for excellence.

Despite the financial challenges, I ensured that all my workers, subcontractors, and suppliers were paid in full. None of my customers were affected by this situation, and I successfully completed all my projects, leaving my clients satisfied.

Given Combit Construction’s excellent reputation, I wanted to preserve this legacy and start anew. I opened a new company named Combit Renovations Ltd, trading as Combit Construction.

Since then, we have continued to grow from where we left off. Word-of-mouth recommendations are stronger than ever, and our clients continue to entrust us with their projects. We have expanded our services to include interior design, enhancing our client service. Our core values of trust, openness, and clarity remain central to our operations, with client satisfaction always being our number one priority.

Our experience during COVID and the subsequent construction cost increases has led us to understand cost control better than ever before. Unlike most other builders who provide a vague breakdown of costs, we provide a very detailed itemisation of our customers’ projects’ material and labour prices. This is informed by live linkage to industry pricing, so that we can provide greater cost certainty for projects from the outset. Having developed a network of consultants including Chartered Architects (who provide a free appraisal at the start of every job) and cost consultants, we are confident that we will provide the best value for money for our customers’ projects and continue building to the highest standards of workmanship.

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